Stockland Workshops

We have been invited to perform at Stockland Baulkham hills on the first Saturday of every month. We will be doing a different style every month so please come and watch you, but also they can join in on a free workshop. We have placed the style and dates below. We hope to see there...

Stockland 2019


Wand Painting

3nd February - Belly Dancing  
2nd March - Singing  
6th April - Ballet
4th May - Tiny Tots 18 May - Wand Painting
1st June - Jazz 15 June - Wand Painting
6th July - Tap 27 July - Wand Painting
3rd August - Hip Hop 17 August - Wand Painting
7th September - Ballet 21 September - Wand Painting
5th October - Belly Dancing 19 October - Wand Painting
2nd November - Singing 16 November - Wand Painting
7th December - Tiny Tots 14 December - Wand Painting